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How Synergy Billing Service Benefits You

At Synergy Billing Service, we work hard to provide our clients with high quality medical billing services personalized for their unique needs. Our continuous education and research allows us to stay on top of the ever changing world of physician billing.We take pride in our work and derive considerable satisfaction from doing a job well. We plan to apply our expertise and interest in assisting a company like yours in achieving its objectives.

Electronic Claims Submission
We will submit claims electronically to the insurance company for processing. Doing so allows for faster claims receipt and processing by the payer and payment distribution to you.

Patient Billing Inquires
We will take care of answering the questions your patients have about their bill. Helping them understand how the claim was processed by the insurance company and their financial responsibility.

Account Reconciliation
We will follow up with the insurance company on denied or under processed claims to ensure that all claims are received and processed for maximum reimbursement. We will also submit claims to secondary and tertiary payers.

Knowledge Base
Our knowledge of billing is efficient and effective, which allows for greater revenue for you. It is our responsibility to keep you informed of the changes that affect your practice to prevent a delay in claims reimbursement.

Customized Reports
We understand that no two practices are the same, that is why we will customize reports to fit your needs allowing you to see the big picture. Understanding how your services are being compensated is important in the formula for the viability of your practice.

Synergy Billing Service
~Respect ~ 
We will always express regard for your business and refrain from interfering with the way you run your practice. We only want to provide you with the benefits that will allow you to maximize your full potential.